About US

Welcome. My name is Sophie.

This is a curation of my work — a collective of art, poetry, and testimony. I’m here to shift the narrative around the woman’s body, especially in art, and to testify to the goodness of God in everything that I do. I believe that God is calling the women of this generation to mark the world, through our unique ability to be strong, but kind, and powerful, but soft, simultaneously.

A woman’s beauty is like nothing the world has ever seen. And I think that God delights in us, His Daughters, in a way that we have yet to fully comprehend.

John and Stasi Eldredge, in their book, Captivating, write: “God has given us Eve. The crowing touch of creation…The whole, vast world is incomplete without [her]. Creation reached its zenith in [her].”

Eve was the firstfruit of every daughter to follow — we, women, are the crowing glory of God’s creation. Let us be restored in that truth together. I am just a drop in a bucket, but all of us — all of God’s daughters — have the combined strength of the ocean.

We are not of this world. We are the Daughters.